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Now you can explore our database. You will find relevant information such as the relationship between the tables, information about the fields of the tables, among other information, about the tables that are extracted from the Weni Connector in Power BI.

On the Weni Database you will have all this information available.


On the main page you will have information about the tables.

Relationship between tables

When selecting relationship in the top central menu, you will bring the information about the relationship between the tables, as shown in the figure below:

Select Table

When selecting a specific table, you will bring all the information of the fields that are in the table.

It’s important to know!

The data connection happens by an API integration between RapidPro and Power BI. The data extracted is structured in a JSON format. So, in order to have access to all data fields, you need to expand the columns in the PowerQuery window.

Best Practices:

  1. Select only relevant data to optimize extraction process by previewing tables on navigator window;
  2. Transform to make your data useful;
  3. Make sure that your data is well-formatted, clean, and organized before starting to create dashboards, reports, etc.;
  4. Keep a data catalog with all data fields, descriptions, and types from your chatbot project. Also, make sure that  your variables such as contact fields and results clearly describe its purpose;
  5. Understand data concepts like flows, runs, contacts and  messages  in order to properly interpret and create project insights;
  6. Explore the RapidPro API documentation to get familiar with what is the data available and how it is structured.

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