Filter using Contact Fields in Power BI

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How to create a filter by department or another contact field in your Power BI Dashboard

This tutorial was exclusively created to demonstrate how to utilize the contact fields in your project to create filters in your dashboard, especially for those who want to view data on the dashboard by filtering through department or some other contact field.

As in most projects, departments are stored in Contact Fields and not in Results, we cannot easily create these filters in a PowerQuery worksheet. Therefore, it is necessary to Merge Queries to create a connection between the Fields and your fRuns table, as the Contact Fields return in the dContacts table and the results return in the fRuns table.

To Merge Queries, you should go to Transform Data:

On the Home Page, click on Merge Queries, you should create a loop (using the uuid) between the worksheet you want to connect with the dContacts worksheet, remembering that the contact.uuid for your fRuns table is contact.uuid and for the dContacts table it is uuid:

Do not change the Join Kind and click "OK". After that, a new column will be created in your fRuns table indicating the Contact Fields, and you can expand and select which ones you want to use in this table:

There you go, after expanding, you can use the Contact Fields as parameters for filters on your Dashboard.

You can perform this query merge on other tables as well.

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