How to use the integrations module

To facilitate and streamline the service of your customers, Weni allows you to integrate with your chatbot, quickly and easily, in more than one type of communication channel, being them:

WhatsApp Demo, in which you can bring the world's largest chat app, for free to validate your project. With a free shared number you can test with 200 monthly users, and use all the features available on the platform, as well as validate the operation and service of your business through this channel.

Telegram, you can connect with one of the largest messaging apps, to your audience on the Weni Platform. Send and receive texts, videos and audios through this channel, ensuring the comfort of your audience, as well as the features available on the platform.

Weni Web Chat, to have the experience of humanized service of Weni Platform on your website or web platform. By integrating the channel, you can customize aspects such as: Color, spacing between messages, message indicators, avatar, and more! Thus ensuring a chatbot with the face of your brand.

You can also connect with Facebook, and several other channels through the "settings" section.

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Adding a Web channel