2-Factor Authentication

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The Weni Platform allows you to enable 2-factor authentication in your account and/or choose to limit your organization's access to users who have authentication enabled. Functionality is ideal for you who want an extra layer of security for your project.

1 - Enable authentication to your account

Authentication can be enabled by clicking on your photo on the right side of the > screen, as shown below:

On the account settings screen, select the "privacy and security" option, enable 2FA verification, and save your selection.

For authentication to be done, the Weni Platform uses the Microsoft Authenticator application. Download the app by pointing the camera from the mobile phone to the QR code available on the screen (It is available for IOS or Android), and log out from the platform to validate the authentication.

When you try to log in to the Weni Platform again, you'll be asked to follow these steps:

  • Open the app and scan the QR code shown on the screen;
  • Enter the one-time code provided by the application;
  • Save to complete the authentication configuration.

Great! If you get to this point two-factor authentication is now enabled for use. Each time you attempt to log in to the platform, you will be prompted to submit the verification code shown in the Microsoft Authenticator application, as illustrated below:

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