So, what we can do with the Platform?

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Our platform is intuitive, multi-channel and easy to use. It's a very good tool to maximize process' executions and transform the way you comunicate with your public. Using it, you turn the constructions of conversations flows more inteligent to rise your project's results. Below, we have some cases that will show our reach:

CASE Susana:

One chatbot trained to execute talks from the finantial sector. This virtual assistant is expert on cut down the operational costs and the number of defaulters by automating the charge process; simulating human conversations with simplicity.

  • Send reminders about due dates;
  • Explain the customer's finantial position;
  • Send re-issues of payment slips;
  • Send bank statements;

CASE HealthBuddy:

HealthBuddy is a joint initiative of UNICEF’s Europe and Central Asia Regional Office and the WHO Regional Office for Europe. Using our platform we created a powerfull tool of artificial inteligence that disseminate and teach trustfull informations about the new Coronavirus (COVID-19). There is a lot of misinformation and myths about the new coronaviruscirculating on the Internet and in social media. Misinformation is one of the biggest challenges in fighting COVID-19. This is why it’s important get your information and advice from trusted sources. HealthBuddy gives you information about the virus, tips about protection and talk about ways to reduce the contagion risk


In partnership with the public ministry of São Paulo (MPSP) and Microsoft, we created a chatbot called MAiA. MAiA is a chatbot created to support and give needed orientations about relationships. The project was created with the main goal of reduce the violence against women and alert the female population about the danger of toxic and abusive relationships.


CASE Central de Atendimento - Já! SEPLAG AL:

Jaque, the Alagoas state's virtual attendant, uses our platform to identify intentions and give precises and high quality information about the state's services. Jaque can give you directions about over 1.700 public services and making appointments using external integrations.


Working directly with 30 UNICEF centers across the world, helping to give voice to the youngers. We facilitate the participation on surveys and discussions about relevant themes, like health, education, water, diseases and any other topic that worries our society.

U-Report is a social messaging tool and a data collection system developed by UNIEF to improve the citizens engagement, inform leaderships and promote positive changes. The program send searchs and alert from SMS to you participants and the answers are collected and mapped in the website; the results and ideas are shared with the community. It's a free global moviment to make positive social changes.

This is a free space to add your history with out platform. What you think about create a success case with us?

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