Contacts Introduction

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Here are all the people you want to keep in touch with. There are two ways for a user to become a contact on the platform:

  • Actively send a message to some channels registered by the organization.
  • Through the Import contacts button that allows the import of a spreadsheet (which must follow specific rules) with contacts that do not yet interact with the platform.

To access this information, enter your project and click the "Studio" module in the left side menu.

By selecting the "Contacts" option you will come across the following features:

  1. Import Contacts: button to import a spreadsheet (with some construction rules) with external contacts for the platform. If the user is in this spreadsheet, Push recognizes him and manages to treat him by the name registered since the first message sent by the platform.
  2. Create Contact: button to create contact, where we can create a new contact from scratch within the platform;
  3. Create Group: button to create group, where we can create a name for a group of contacts;
  4. Groups: list of groups, with the respective groupings created in that organization. They can be Static Group (when we add the contact manually or by flows) and Dynamic Group (search bar that uses specific expressions and “automatically” add the search result in the group);
  5. Individual Contact List: all the information that the platform has about the user;
  6. Manage Fields: button to create contact fields, where we can create different fields for contact information;
  7. Export: button to export, where we can export all the contacts of the organization;
  8. Personalized Search Field: where we can build queries to search for contacts, either by name, field or even logical rules.
By active contact we mean the contact that had its last message exchange with the platform in the last 30 days.

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