Project Dashboard

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After being properly logged into your organization and project you will have access to this screen:


Let's get a quick explanation about each menu:

  1. Home: Home Screen showing platform data
  2. Weni Flows (flows): this is where the magic happens, in this tab you can create and change conversation flows (following the interaction logic between the chatbot and its user)
  3. Weni Studio (Studio): There you will find, manage, import and export all messages and information regarding users who have had some interaction with your chatbot. You can also create groups, campaigns and triggers to be sent.
  4. Weni IA (Studio): Create and add intelligence to your project or choose an intelligence from those in our library!
  5. Weni Integrations: Check out our available integration channels and add them to your project.
  6. Settings: Change sign-up and payment data, add channels, and check out your token API.
  7. Account: here you can view account details, change among organizations or log out.

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