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Now it was quite simple to add a Whatsapp channel in your company's organization on the Weni Platform and connect with your customers in a few clicks. This is the Weni Express Integration mode.

WhatsApp is the world's largest messaging app and one of the preferred by users. The integration of this channel in the Weni Platform allows you to connect the business number of your company create smart flows to serve your customers.

You can use this integration on the Weni Platform for free up to 200 monthly active contacts and 1000 conversations with unlimited messages in a 24-hour period. This free version of the WhatsApp API supports customizations such as photos, videos, file uploads, GIFs, descriptions, and messages templates. Conversations can be initiated by both your customer and your business.

There are a few premises to add a Number of WhatsApp by the Express Integration method:

  1. You must be the Business Manager administrator of your company's account with Meta;
  2. The number should not be installed in another application or to a WhatsApp (Business or personal) account, if this number should be excluded from the application before the start of the process. Here's how to delete.
  3. The number must be enabled by the carrier to receive a call or SMS, with the chip inserted into a phone ready to receive the verification code that will be sent during the channel integration process.

Ready, with these premises fulfilled the time has come to start the integration!

Within the project to which the integration will be done go to the integrations menu and in the discovery tab you will find the WhatsApp integration card, click on the + symbol, to add the integration.

Soon after a popup will appear requesting a connection on your facebook account.

Put your Facebook connection credentials to follow the connection, remembering that you must be an administrator of your company's business manager with Meta/Facebook.

However, if you are already logged into the account that will be used on facebook, the step will appear as shown in the image below. Just click continue.

You will then be directed to a page to link your account.

To start these steps, after accessing your Facebook account, just click "Get Started" on the screen and you will be redirected to the next page.

Accept permissions, they are necessary for Weni Platform to have access to your WhatsApp Business account and thus you can use our integrations. But don't worry! No data will be shared and this whole process is quite safe!

First, you need to create your business account that will be linked to Meta, or select one of the companies already registered. After selecting the option you need, just click in "Continue":

Also in this step, you'll see a screen to set up the name and time zone of your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) being created. From there, your Meta Cloud API account will be ready. If you already have a WABA (Whastapp Business API) it will appear and can be selected.

After that you will be directed to the next page where you will click on "continue to step 2"

By starting step 2, you will create your profile on WhatsApp Business. To do this, fill in the name field that will appear on your WhatsApp Business profile. If this name is different from your company's company name, it should be displayed in some way on your organization's website. The display name must follow meta rules and be in agreement with your business, especially if your account is previously verified (see here).

Still in this step, it will be necessary to select the category that represents your business. You can also make a description about it, which is optional. After that, click on "continue to step 3".

Once that's done, you'll see the screen to start step 3. At this stage, you need to verify your number registered with WhatsApp Business. Simply enter your number and select the method to receive the verification code:

Wait for the 6-digit code to receive and fill in the following screen, remember to make your phone easy and available for receiving the code.

Click "verify" and select OK on the screen that appears confirming that your number is ready to be used.

If the company already has business verification with Meta the next step can be done only after receiving an email from Meta confirming the acceptance of the display name, as soon as the email is received, return the platform to continue. How do I know if my business is already verified? Click here. Otherwise you can proceed immediately!

Final step for integration

With your Meta-linked account and your WhatsApp Business number verified, now it's time to integrate them into the platform. The steps are very simple and fast.

When you finish step 3 of checking your number and clicking OK, a new weni platform screen will appear. Just click Create Channel, as shown in the image:

If at this point you notice any inconsistency, do not give up, start the process again and now it will be easier, because the information will already be filled, if you does not works, please contact our support: suporte@weni.ai

Next, select the number that will be linked to whatsApp integration into the Weni Platform and that's it! Your new channel on the platform has already been created and you can use all the automation features.

Now your WhatsApp channel is integrated and ready to be customized!

In the sequence a card with the phone number will appear in the My Apps tab.

Clicking on this card will appear the customization options, follow the tips and customize your number with profile picture, description, email and website of your company or organization.

To take even more advantage of the channel, if you have not done so, start the process of verifying your business with Meta.

To start the verification follow this link step

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