Importing Contacts

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When a person interacts through any of the channels connected to the push, they automatically become a contact. However, many times, we already have information about future contacts that will interact through the channels, so how can we import these contacts to the platform?

It is a very simple process, first, just access the contacts page where you will find the Import Contacts button in the left corner.

Then you will be taken to the import page, where you will be able to choose an excel spreadsheet, format .xls, and import the contacts that exist in the spreadsheet to the platform. However, for this to work, you need to correctly name the header of the spreadsheet, that is, the name of the columns.

The rules for naming columns are:

  • Name: contact name column
  • Language: column with the language the contact interacts with
  • URN:<URNname>: column with the URN of the channel that the contact will communicate, remembering, that the contact is only valid if it has at least one URN.
  • Field:<CustomFieldname>: column with custom fields for contacts.

Then just click on Import and your contacts will be imported to the platform. All contacts appeared linked to a static group, which has the same name as the spreadsheet file, in case you don't want to keep the group, just delete it.

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