Adding a Telegram channel

To connect your chatbot with Telegram, follow these steps:

Talk with BotFather: 

BotFather is a chatbot that creates and manages other chatbots for Telegram. To find it, look for @BotFather in your Telegram's search bar.

Create a new chatbot with BotFather:

Once you start the conversation with BotFather, send the message /newbot to create a new chatbot. Then choose a name and a Username (usernames must always end with “_bot”, ex test_bot).

Receive the access token:

Done! You have created your new chatbot.

After completing all the necessary information (as seen in the last step), you will receive an access Token (1). Leave this token copied to use in the next steps.

Adding the Telegram channel:

To create the channel on the platform, go to Org Settings and click on the settings gear:

Right after click on Add Channel (1) and enter the Telegram menu:

Inside the menu paste the access Token in the Authentication Token field (1) and click Submit (2).

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