Whatsapp business API pricing

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Whatsapp Business API Pricing

Businesses using the WhatsApp Business Platform are charged for 24-hour conversations at different rates per category.

Whatsapp charges per conversation, not per message sent. Conversations are messages exchanged between the company and customers within a 24-hour period. When messages sent by the company are delivered to customers, the conversation is considered to have started.

  • Utility: Serves to facilitate a request, transaction, or update on ongoing transactions, including after-sales notifications and recurring invoice statements.
  • Authentication: Serves to authenticate users with one-time passwords at various stages of the login process. For example, account verification, account recovery, and integrity challenges.
  • Marketing: Serves for promotions or offers, information updates or invitations. Conversations that do not fall into the utility or authentication categories will be considered marketing.
  • Service: These are user-initiated conversations that help customers with queries.


Sending multiple models of the same category in an open conversation will not result in additional charges and service conversations will only be started when there are no conversation windows open and the company can respond to the user with a free format message in the service window to the customer 24 hours.


Free entry point conversations are conversations where the customer engages with the business via a call-to-action button on ads that click to WhatsApp or on Facebook Pages. As the whatsapp business user is already being charged for the ad published on social media, he will not be charged for any message template sent in this conversation within a period of 72 hours.

The conversation started is free, but the ad is charged.

Remember: Each WhatsApp Business (WABA) account has 1,000 free user-initiated conversations per month, regardless of the number of phones included. The free talk cap resets each month according to the time zone associated with WABA.


Marketing, utility, authentication and service conversations last for 24 hours (if not a free entry point conversation - from ads click to whatsapp or from facebook pages), after this period time will restart and any message sent will start a new window and will be charged according to the category.


Rates for business-initiated and user-initiated conversations vary by country or region.

  • Marketing Conversations = US$ 0,0625
  • Utility Conversations = US$ 0,0350
  • Authentication Conversations = US$ 0,0315
  • Service Conversations (after the 1,000 free chats per month) = US$ 0,0300 
These costs per message correspond to Brazil, the amounts may change compared to other countries. The charge in Real (R$) will be defined in the contract due to the exchange variation.

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