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Dashboard use guide

The Dashboard is the tool that will show data related to human service, bringing important metrics that aim to provide quality and efficiency monitoring of services. This tool helps managers to improve decision-making and also helps agents to visualize their individual metrics.

To access it, just go to the Chats module of the Weni platform and click on the Dashboard button in the preferences menu. For now, this tool is only available to managers and administrators.

Main screen

When accessing Dashboards, the project data is presented. This way, if there is more than one sector, the metrics represent data from all sectors contained in the project.

As indicators:

  • Active chats: Shows in real time the amount of active chats.
  • Waiting time: It shows the average time that contacts wait until the start of the service, this data refers to the start time of the operation until the current time in which it is being viewed.
  • Response time: Refers to the average time that contacts wait for each response, it is also considered the average from the start time of the operation to the current time.
  • Interaction time: Indicates the average time of chats, from the beginning to the end.

When viewing all sectors of the project, the sectors contained below will appear, with the same metrics mentioned above, but detailed specifically for that sector.

Next to the listed sectors, there is the online agents column, which lists the agents that have an online status and also the number of active chats for these agents.

It is important to note that the total number of active chats includes both agents who are online and agents who are offline.


For now, four types of filters are available, the first is the sector filter, with which it is possible to select a specific sector and view its detailed data.

When selecting a sector, the main data will be shown according to that sector exclusively. In this way, the queues contained in that sector will be listed and the online agents listed will only be those in that sector.

Another option is to filter by tags, this option allows you to view the metrics of the chats that were classified with those tags. It also has the options to filter by specific day and by periods.

Finally, to exit, just click the "X" icon in the top right corner. 

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