Static and Dynamic Groups

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As seen in our Introduction to Contacts, there are two types of groups for contacts on the platform. Now we will explain how they work and how to create your groups.

Static Group

The static group is the type of group where contacts need to be added and / or removed manually. For a contact to enter and / or leave a static group, it needs to be added / removed by the platform user via the contacts tab, or added / removed through flows during the conversation with your automation.

You can find the description of the flow charts for groups by clicking here

To create a static group, simply navigate to the contacts page within the "Studio" module and click the Create Group button in the side menu.

After that, just choose the name of your group and create it by the pop-up that will appear.

The group will start to be listed in your group list, just below the contact categories in the left side menu. If you want to edit the name of your group, export the participating contacts or delete it, just access the group and then click on the settings button in the right corner next to Manage Fields.

In the contact tab, there is a search bar. This search bar can be used to find and filter contacts that obey the rules defined in the bar. Usually, we use contact fields and some operators to do the search expression, that is:

If in my group there is the contact field "Age" and the contact field "Sex", and I want to know how many male contacts are over 18, I can use the following expression in the search:

age> 18 AND (gender = "M" OR gender = "Male")

Below are some of the operators that we can use in these searches:

  • AND
  • OR
  • > , >=
  • <, <=
  • =

The best part is that as soon as we do a search, just below the search box a new button appears, called Save as Group, this is the button that allows us to create dynamic groups.

That is, a dynamic group is a type of group where we are unable to add and / or remove users manually. All added users enter the group if they obeyed the search rule.

If you click on the button to save your dynamic group, a pop-up will appear to choose the name of your new group.

If you want to edit the name of the group, export the participating contacts, delete the group or even modify the rule for participation, the process is the same as that of the static groups.

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