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How to create a Campaign

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Campaigns allow scheduled messages to be scheduled on specific dates and times sent to specific groups.

  • The time of the messages follows a predetermined course;;
  • Messages are sent with a defined pattern, for specific behavior or for the status of recipients.

Creating a Campaign event

  1. Access the "campaigns" menu, the menu in the upper left corner of the screen.
  1. Click on "Create Campaign" to create the campaign;
  1. The campaign requires a title (in the "Name" field), and the choice of a contact group (in "Group") to which messages will be sent.

Each campaign can operate only one group; a new campaign is required for each group you want to interact with.
  1. Now define the event guidelines.

1- Select the action you want to be assigned to an event. As chosen, type the message or choose the flow.

2- Enter the message to be sent (if you have chosen this option);

3- Set the date and time you want your event to start. The following information makes up a cadence:

How many minutes, hours, days, weeks, before or after the contact field value;

The selected contact field

The moment when the event will start

4- In case of scheduling for more than 24hrs, here you can define if people received the message at the exact date and time of the event, or if you want to standardize for all messages to be triggered together at a specific time of the day.

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Campaign introduction

Editing events