Adding a Viber channel

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You can add your a Viber's public account as a channel on the platform.

Starting the process

To create the channel on the platform, go to your project settings:

Then click Add Channel at the top right of the screen.

Scroll down to the Viber option and click on it:

The only requirement is the authorization token (called application token by the Viber team)

The main process is to approve a Viber's public account and collect the application token.

Creating a the Viber account

Install Viber's mobile app and go through the registration process for your mobile phone number.

Having a valid account, access Viber's admin panel and link it to a Public account.


You will receive a verification token on the mobile phone, confirm it too.


On the left panel, select Create Bot Account


Fill all requirements presented and hit Create at the end of the page.


It will take a few seconds to process and a new window will pop-up with the token needed.


Finish channel's setting

Now go back to channel's adding process, paste the token and hit Submit.

Publish the account

A final step is necessary on the Public account. Go to Viber's app on the mobile phone, open More, select Discover and open Mine tab. Select the page we just created and you'll see a Publish option, that's needed to be enabled so the page can be found in searches.

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