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What is UX Writing?

UX Writing is the practice of developing texts within the design and interface to guide, teach and improve the user experience. The main objective of UX Writing is to establish efficient communication between the interface and the people who interact with it. In chatbots, UX Writing is applied but without a visual interface. So, everything translates into the creation of conversations, which lead the user to make a decision through writing. A text that leads:

  • Creates motivation for the user to take action
  • Provide instructions for the user to take an action
  • Gives feedback as soon as the user takes an action.

How to do UX Writing?

Before writing anything:

  • Empathy: What is the user's context at that point in the flow? Who is your user? Who are we writing to?
  • What to write: what content needs to be passed?
  • How to write: how am I going to get this message across?

According to the book ‘Redação Estratégica para UX’, writing starts by identifying the purposes, opportunities and constraints. Before starting to write, the writer needs to identify the goals of both who will use the experience and the organization offering it.

To identify the goals for an experiment, the writer must work in partnership with the people who understand and define them, as well as with those who will use the experience. From the beginning and during development it is necessary for the writer to participate in meetings, discovering and defining the experience in collaboration with the team.

The main purpose of the text is to achieve the goals of organizations and people using experience, but it also has the function of protecting both groups.

From the beginning, the UX writer needs to know the constraints of the business, including available resources, which language people using the experience are fluent in, which devices they use and in which contexts. During development, you also need to know technical, display, and design constraints (such as maximum URL lengths and text box sizes), which texts need to be encoded before hardware is shipped, and which can be updated via local services.

UX writing is a design and engineering process. It is an iterative process of creating, evaluating, and iterating. To draw people into the experience, words need to ground the conversation in what users already understand.

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