Initial concepts

So, what we can do with the Platform?

Our platform is intuitive, multi-channel and easy to use. It's a very good tool to maximize process' executions and transform the way you comunicate with your public. Using it, you turn the construct…

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How do I know if my company needs a chatbot?

The most common complaints consumers have regarding their experience with customer service are: Long wait time for responses. Lack of response or contact. Non-existent or inefficient support. These m…

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register and login

O Weni provides an intuitive inteligent chatbots creator platform. Using this, you can create all the interaction between robot and users and define which channel your users will use to comunicate. F…

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First Steps - Creating your project

First Steps - Creating Your Project. Now you're ready to start! To do this, the first step is to create your Organization and add a Project to it. Inside the platform, click the add an organization b…

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Overview. Being a community, Weni is made by its users and collaborators! Then, the Profile section allows you to manage your account and view all your intelligences. Below, you'll learn how to manag…

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Permissions system

Within the Weni platform you are able to manage different permissions for each user, which are divided into two groups: 1 - Organization permissions. These permissions can be added in the org creatio…

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Platform's Glossary

In the next articles, you will learn much more about how our platform works. In this article, we bring a glossary of terms that may appear in the course of the documentation, providing support for co…

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