How do I know if my company needs a chatbot?

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The most common complaints consumers have regarding their experience with customer service are:

  • Long wait time for responses
  • Lack of response or contact
  • Non-existent or inefficient support

These main complaints can be solved in a single step by implementing a multi-channel strategy with virtual assistants, such as instagram, whatsapp, facebook...

With the APIs in Weni Platform, you receive the messages sent in the DM directly in our platform. At the first contact from the customer, the bot immediately starts the service flow.

With this, your institution now has:

  • Immediate attendance to the first customer contact
  • Engagement and interaction with your audience
  • Customized conversation flow according to the need and stage the customer is at
  • Integration with CRM
  • All the conversation history, data and information to drive marketing and sales strategies

The possibilities are many. For example, you can also automate specific responses from some Instagram stories by launching a research in your story and entering an "I want to respond" response.

When the follower responds, the bot automatically starts the search flow.

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