Triggers and Campaigns

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Contacts and Messages

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Creating contact from an external Webhook

Creating Contacts with External Webhooks. In this article we will show you in a simple way how to bring contacts from your external platform to our flow platform. The flow platform has dozens of APIs…

John Cordeiro
Updated 4 months ago by John Cordeiro

Contact history

All messages and actions trafficked in the channel are recorded in the contact and can be viewed by entering the contact in specific. Messages are sorted by dates, separated by color according to sou…

Ilanna Lins
Updated 4 months ago by Ilanna Lins

How to download, extract, transform and combine archived data from Weni Flows

Something very important for you to know about Weni's data is that it is stored for 180 days, right after this period the data is archived and stored in Json format in the Archives menu. Getting file…

Ilanna Lins
Updated 4 months ago by Ilanna Lins