Weni Integrations

How to use the integrations module

To facilitate and streamline the service of your customers, Weni allows you to integrate with your chatbot, quickly and easily, in more than one type of communication channel, being them: WhatsApp De…

Ilanna Lins
Updated 1 year ago by Ilanna Lins

Adding a Web channel

By integrating the channel, you can customize aspects of Webchat such as: Color, message spacing, message indicators, avatar, and more! Thus, ensuring everything that Weni Plataforma has to offer, wi…

Giovana Borges Feitosa
Updated 4 months ago by Giovana Borges Feitosa

Adding a Telegram channel

To connect your chatbot with Telegram, follow these steps: Talk with BotFather: . BotFather is a chatbot that creates and manages other chatbots for Telegram. To find it, look for @BotFather in your…

Ilanna Lins
Updated 11 months ago by Ilanna Lins

How to create a channel with whatsApp demo

The Weni platform allows you to test the whatsapp bot in a quick and practical way through our integrations module! To use this tool, just follow the steps: First enter the Organization that is locat…

Giovana Borges Feitosa
Updated 4 months ago by Giovana Borges Feitosa

Whatsapp: Weni Express Integration

Now it was quite simple to add a Whatsapp channel in your company's organization on the Weni Platform and connect with your customers in a few clicks. This is the Weni Express Integration mode. Whats…

Giovana Borges Feitosa
Updated 6 months ago by Giovana Borges Feitosa

How to create template Messages: Whatsapp

Whatsapp Template Messages: How to Create. Template messages are used to initiate conversations with customers and are the only type of message that can be sent to customers who haven't started a con…

Michelli Silva
Updated 4 months ago by Michelli Silva

Creating a Microsoft Teams Channel

App creation in Azure. To create your bot-like application go to https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/ You will need to create an account, if you do not have one. After logging into your account, select…

Michelli Silva
Updated 7 months ago by Michelli Silva