Human Attendance

How to send message templates through RocketChat

Contacting users who have interacted for more than 24 hours on Whatsapp requires the use of Message Templates in active messages. To send active messages on RocketChat you can follow the following st…

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RocketChat call routing

RocketChat allows you to choose from different rules for targeting human agents. These targeting rules are called Routing Methods. How do I set up a routing method? To configure a routing method, you…

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RCAdmin API: Agent-Activity

HOST: Endpoints. POST: /api/agent_activity/. Retrieves the Agent activity information. Headers: Authorization: <Token> Token will be provided individually for now... Body format…

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U-Partners - Proper use of features

How to direct message an anonymous reporter? That's the main purpose of U-Partners, where you can setup some strategies to access previous labeled messages and chat with contacts anonymously. Underst…

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How to integrate Rocket.Chat as a ticket service on the Weni Plataform

Rocket.Chat Ticketer. Requirements. Admin access to Rocket.Chat. Admin access to Weni Flows. First steps. Get org access token in Weni Flows. This token is required for the app installed on Rocket.Ch…

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Using groups to organize human attendance

The use of groups to organize contacts that are in human attendance is essential. WARNING: If contacts are not added to a control group, the chatbot will conflict and stop human service by sending th…

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