Adding a Viber channel (RapidPro)

How to activate a Viber channel

You can add your Viber's public account as a channel on the platform.

Get Started

Go to the Workspace settings and click on Add Channel.

Scroll down to the Viber option and click on it

After that, you will see a short description of the channel. The only requirement to connect Viber there is an Authorization token (called App token by the Viber team).

Now let’s see how to obtain this App token.

The main process resides in approving a Viber's public account and gathering the App token.

Creating a Viber account

Install Viber's mobile app and go through the registration process via a mobile phone number exclusively for the project. With your valid account, access Viber's admin panel and link it to a Public account.

You will receive a verification token on the mobile phone, confirm it too.

On the left panel, select Create Bot Account

Fill all requirements presented and hit Create at the end of the page.

It will take a few seconds to process and a new window will pop-up with the token needed.

Submit the channel

Now go back to RapidPro, paste the token and hit Submit.

Edit Welcome message

The Viber channel was created, but to have it published and available for all your public, some steps are required by the Viber support team. The first step required is to provide a Welcome message. To add one, go to your Workspace settings and open the Viber Channel settings.

After that, click on the menu icon and then in the Edit option.

Once you click on Edit, a new window will appear for you to add an Alert email and Welcome Message. Save the changes after that.

Publish the account

To completely have the channel displayed. you will need to contact the Viber support team. In general, everyone can open and build a chatbot on the Viber platform. However, users cannot find it by default. So, in order to have a profile discoverable e.g. searchable and verified, it should be accompanied by a promotion campaign with stickers or Viber ads.

Once it is promoted, you can share it via the client's social media channels and have an organic reach. Note with such tools like Stickers, Viber Ads you will be able to gather hundreds of thousands of subscribers into your chatbot, that can be approached with direct and personalized messages.

Via the chatbot, you also have a 24h time period from the last user interaction with the bot to push FREE of charge messages, where users could not only inquire and get information but also directly choose to buy products for example. You can send outbound messages as well but they are paid.

In terms of the sticker pack, here are the steps you need to follow with the viber supportteam:

  1. Commercial phase - clarifying the desired market where you would like to launch the sticker campaign (it is with an unlimited amount of downloads and impressions but restricted for a specific country) and give you an offer.
  2. Signing Insertion Order (standard contract) and invoicing.
  3. Working on the campaign set up - preparing the sticker pack. Note the sticker design should be done by you following viber guidelines. During the process the Viber Content team (people who make Viber owned stickers) will advise until the sticker pack is ready for launch.
  4. Launching the campaign.

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