Translating your dataset

One of BotHub's main feature is that you can easily translate your dataset, so your intelligence can start predicting and understanding inputs from other languages!

In this article, you will learn how to manage a new language in your intelligence and how to check the progress of other existing translations.

Translating Sentences

The translation process is actually very simple and straightforward. First, you will have to access the Translation section.

Then select the language you are translating from and the language you are translation to.

After that, a list of all the sentences that hasn’t been translated yet will show up. (You can filter phrases by intent and entities if you want to)

Now you just to have to select a sentence to translate (by clicking on Translate Sentence), type the respective translation and confirm it by clicking on the Submit Translation button.


Now that sentence is translated for the language that you chose and won't show up in the list,

You will just have to translate the remaining phrases and your bot you understand and predict sentences from another language :)

Translating entities

You can translate entities as well. To do so, when translating a sentence, just highlight the text before submitting the translation.

When translating the sentence, you will realize that by highlighting the text, the button "Add entity for..." will become active. Click on it and the option to translate the entity will appear. As we did before, type the translation and click on Submit Translation to confirm it.

Important: the entity name should be the same as in the original language. That is why, in the example above, we translated the value but not the name of the entity.

Finally, click on Submit Translation and you are ready to go =)

Important Note

To train your new language, you need to have at least 2 translated sentences for each intent and entity in your original dataset or you will get the alert below.

In this case, I translated to Brazilian Portuguese (pt_br) only one sentence for each intent of our intelligence. To fix it, just translate more sentences and you will be able to train it normally.

Now you can already use your bot in another language!

Translation Status

To see the current status of the intelligence's languages, go to Translation -> Translation Status and you will find all the progress for each translation.

Deleting a Translated Sentence

In the Translation Status section you can also delete translated sentences from your dataset.

In Translation -> Translation Status, roll the page to the bottom and you will find the list of the translated sentences for each language.

To delete, just click in the red trash can icon on the right and confirm it.

Now this sentence will appear again in the Translate section and can be translated again.

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