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WeniGPT is a generative AI developed by Weni, with the purpose of providing assertive answers to users, using an exclusive base for the customer. Its key features include advanced intelligence and a strong emphasis on security, ensuring data confidentiality and accuracy of interactions.

Application and Features

With WeniGPT you can send various information through different types of files, which generate content for your unique knowledge base. This database is secure, as it guarantees answers within the universe of data you provided and when you remove information, it leaves no traces in future predictions. In addition, it has great performance, with a short response time and easy usability for configuration, allowing for a high speed in the creation of AI projects.

WeniGPT in practice

  1. Go to the AI module and click on the + create intelligence button.

  1. Set a name and description for your intelligence, select the content intelligence option, and click the create intelligence button.

  1. Click the Create Content Base button and set Name, Language, and Description to Base, and then click the Create Content Base button.

  1. Import the contents of files through drag-and-drop functionality, where the text contained in the files will be extracted and integrated into the base. Wait until the charging process is complete.

  1. It is also possible to write or copy the desired content base, after which click on the Save Changes button. Test quickly using the quick test chat.

The supported files are:.pdf,.doc, docx,.txt,.xls, and.xlsx. There is also a limit of 250MB per file, and five files can be used at a time

  1. Connect WeniGPT to your stream via the Consult WeniGPT card:

  1. Access WeniGPT's response through the expression @webhook.answers.0.text

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