What is an Intelligence?

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A Dataset or Intelligence, is the main part of your bot. Is where all the training, test, and translations sentences are, also the general configuration of your bot.

In the homepage, you will find a list of all the current intelligences trained on BotHub. For each one of them, we can see the name, creator, languages, and category.

Click one of them to access the intelligence.


You can search for a specific dataset by typing its name on the search bar at the top.


A dataset category refers to what context area is the training related to. In the example above, we searched for the name "COVID-19" that are related to Health. Use categories for other users to easily identify the purpose of your intelligence.

How languages work in BotHub?

One of the main features of BotHub is its capability to have many languages for the same dataset, allowing the user to apply the same training context for multi-languages applications. In BotHub you can define a base language for your dataset, then translate it in more than 150 languages in a very easy way!

Quick Test

When training on BotHub you may find the need to test your dataset in an easy way. To help you with that, BotHub has a quick test functionality inside the intelligences.

To access it, enter the repository and click in the tab "Quick Test" on the right of the screen.

Then, type your input phrase, and the prediction will happen based on the dataset trained in this repository.

The quick test brings us some important information about the intelligence, which are:

  • the intent, entities, and confidence for the input;
  • a debug option that shows us the weight of each word on the phrase in the prediction;
  • the raw data for the prediction (JSON format);

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