RocketChat call routing

RocketChat allows you to choose from different rules for targeting human agents. These targeting rules are called Routing Methods.

How do I set up a routing method?

To configure a routing method, you must open Omnichannel > Administration > Routing, in which case the routing methods available for selection will be displayed:

Quais são os métodos de roteamento?

With each new call, RocketChat uses the configured routing method and according to its configuration it chooses the next agent to take on that call. Currently, there are 2 routing methods:

  • Manual Selection: With this method enabled, each agent will see a queue with all calls that are waiting for response from your department

Each agent can open one of these calls and pick up the call by clicking on the button shown below:

When one of the agents picks up this call, it will be removed from the call queue and available so that that agent can start the conversation with the visitor.

  • Auto Selection: In this case the calls are automatically distributed to each agent, without the need for each one to take manually from the queue. Because it is automatic, some rules are applied so that targeting works properly;
  • Total calls: The calls are always sent first to the agents with the lowest number of open calls at the moment, that is, if there is an agent A with 15 open calls, and another agent B with only 2, the calls will be directed to agent B until the same amount of agent A;
  • Order: If both agents have the same number of open calls, the department configuration will be used to direct one agent to the detriment of the other. By clicking Omnichannel > Departments > Department, the following configuration will be shown below.

In this case can be seen in Total, the number of calls from each agent, and Order is where we define which agent receives the first calls. The order must be configured ascending.

  • Alphabetically: If the number of attendances of the agents are equal and the order is also the same, the service is directed alphabetically by the list of available agents.

What happens when there are no agents online?

To allow new calls to continue to be created even when all agents are offline, you must sign in to Omnichannel > Administration > Routing and enable the "Accept Without Online Agents" option

The way RocketChat handles offline calls, varies depending on the routing method you select, below follows the behavior in each:

  • Manual Selection: When manual selection is enabled, new calls that arrive when all agents are offline are in the queue. Therefore, when the next agent enters, he will see all the calls that are in line and can start the call;
  • Auto Selection: All calls that are created when no agents are available in this routing method are also available in a queue on the Current Omnichannel > page chats, so each agent can open a chat and direct to itself, or the manager can direct each call to an available agent.

When this setting is disabled, RocketChat returns an error when trying to create the room, thus making it impossible for the service to be queued for a while.

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