The most common needs when using your dataset to classify real data are:
  • Analyze how your dataset is performing
  • Improve your dataset with real data

BotHub has a very useful tool to achieve both: the InboxĀ šŸ“„.

It's a feature that lists all the sentences that were predicted with its result, that you can filter by Intent, Language or Version of your dataset. Let me show you how to use it:

  1. Open your dataset page and expand the sidebar to see Inbox option
  2. Click on the sentence you want to see details about. You will see the intents and entities identified for each of them;
  3. You can see more details about each prediction, by clicking in Raw or Debug buttons at the right side;
  4. You can also add them to your training or testing data, just by selecting one or many. After that, just click on the icons on the top of the list and select one of the intents you want to add;
  5. Now you can train your dataset with real data! Use the filters to help you find sentences.

Now you can just explore the real predictions of your dataset and use it to improve!

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