In BotHub you can manage versions of your intelligence as you need. This versioning feature is very useful when users are changing the original dataset and gives you control of what information is being added to the intelligence.

In this article, will learn how to manage versions on BotHub.

Adding a version

All intelligences are created in a root version, that we call master. So if you don't add new versions, all of your data will be set in the master version.

First, go to Settings -> Versions and a list with information of all the versions will show up.

In this page, you can Add, Edit or Delete any version just by clicking in the respective icons for each version.

To add a version, select the version you want to copy, type the name of the new version and confirm.

Now you can edit your dataset without changing the main one.

Editing a version's name

To edit a version, click in the edit icon and type a new name for the version and press enter.

Set default version

As said, when you create a intelligence, all the data is in the main version, called Master. To change the main version of your intelligence, click on the Main button of the version you want to be the default and confirm it.

Delete version

To delete a version, click on the Delete icon of the version you want to remove and confirm it.

Be sure before delete a version, the data in the dataset can't be recovered!

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