Weni Chats: Human Service Management

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How to add users in the Weni platform organization

To add/delete new users as attendants, first add the user on the Weni platform. Enter your Weni platform organization and click on the “manage members” icon with the names and emails to be added/deleted.

Click on the manage members button in the Weni platform organization > Insert the email > select the type of permission and click on add in the Weni platform organization.

How to add users on Weni Chats

To add a user to Weni Chats, one of the requirements is that he be added to the organization and the second requirement is that he be added to the project in which he will be used.

Within the options to add the member to the project, we can select the permissions if you only need that user to only use Weni chats, use the human service option, the other options give access to Weni Chats, except the viewer option. Remember, Moderator has access to everything.

After adding the correct permission to the user, the chat module will be available and he is already an attendant. Now all you have to do is add it to the queue you are going to answer.

How to add Attendance Sector in Weni Chats

To add a sector in Weni Chats, you need to go to the settings tab related to Weni Chats:

After that, just fill in the information to create the sector:

  • Sector name
  • Service managers (who will view the service history and dashboard)
  • Enabling triggering of active messages
  • Definition of the working day (hours in which assistance can be opened if the user requests it)
  • Concurrent service quantity limit

After adding and configuring your sector, configure the service queues for each sector.

How to add Attendance queues in Weni Chats

Every sector, as a requirement, needs to have at least one queue configured to work properly, so you must configure it as soon as you create the sector. When editing your queue, add who will be the attendant:

After setting up the sector and queue, now it's time to create your service tags.

How to add an Attendance Tag

Service tags are selected when closing a service and serve to filter the service history and dashboard through these tags. Tags can be about the subject that was discussed in the service, but it is up to you to choose the best way to use them. Remember, when closing a call it is mandatory to use at least one tag.

To create a tag choose the name > Click Add > click Save:

Your human support is now set up. The next step is to use a ticket card in your flow to direct users to human support.

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