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The CoPilot is a feature that uses artificial intelligence to suggest quick responses during conversations. It's super easy to use, and here we'll go through the step-by-step process.

Setting up CoPilot

To configure CoPilot, go to the department where you want to use it in the Weni Chats settings. In the Messages tab, the first option you'll find is CoPilot, which will be inactive by default. To use this feature, it's necessary for the project to be configured with a ChatGPT integration. If the integration isn't set up, Weni Chats will provide a link where you can input your OpenAI token and configure it.

Once the integration is configured, simply activate CoPilot, and this screen will appear:

The configuration is quite simple, and if desired, you can add custom rules by activating the switch and typing the text that will define rules for CoPilot, as shown in the example below:

After entering your text, simply click outside the box and save the department, and CoPilot will be ready to work!

Using CoPilot

Once activated, to use CoPilot simply type /, which by default becomes the first option for a quick message.

Press the enter key on your keyboard, which will select CoPilot, and it will then load and suggest a response.

To use the suggested response, simply press enter again, and the response will go to the text box of Weni Chats, where you can edit it if necessary. If everything is correct to send the response, simply press enter once more, and the response will be sent!

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