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How to create a flow?

The process for creating flows is very simple and intent. There are some configuration options that need to be taken into account in some situations, but it is not at all complicated. Let's start?

  1. First, we will click on the flows button in our top menu.
  1. When you reach the flow page, just click on the Create flow button in the left corner of the screen.

  1. After that, a pop-up for flow creation will appear on your screen. It consists of three fields that can be filled in: name, global keywords triggers, run flow over

1 - name: It is the name we want to give to our flow. Mandatory field, but can be edited later.

2 - global keywords triggers: In this field, you can choose a global keyword that will act as a trigger for your flow. This field is not mandatory, and you can create a trigger for your flow whenever you want by clicking on the trigger option in the top menu. For more details, visit the article on triggers.

3 - run flow over: Mandatory field responsible for defining which method will be used for your flow.

By default, the Messaging option is checked. A flow that uses the Messaging method is a flow created to be used in text channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, among others.

In addition, we have two more options: Phone Call and Surveyor.

A flow that uses the Phone Call method is a flow created to be used in connection channels. There are some special action and decision cards for this type of flow, which you can learn about by visiting the article on connection flows.

A flow that uses the Surveyor method is a flow created to be downloaded and executed offline on a mobile device, by the Surveyor application, and that will have its responses synchronized later, according to the internet access. To learn more about the Surveyor method, visit the article on using the offline platform.

Now that you know the settings, just click on Create and start creating your new flow, properly configured for the purpose you want!

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