Adding a trigger

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At this point your chatbot is connected to a channel, but to start a flow automatically when the user talks to the chatbot, you must configure a trigger. To create it you must go to the Trigger Menu and click on Create Trigger.

  1. Click on the Create a message keyword that launches a flow button;
  1. In the keyword you will define the word that will act as a trigger.
  2. In the trigger, you can choose between:
  • The message starts with the keyword - If the phrase entered for the user starts with the keyword, the chosen flow will go into action.
  • The message contains only the keyword - The chosen flow will perform an action if the user types only the only set of registered keywords.
  1. Flow is defined the flow to be started
  2. In it is possible to apply the rules of this trigger to the group of specific contacts, leave the space blank if you want to apply this rule to everyone.
  3. click on Create Trigger

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