Permissions System

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Permissions System

Within the Weni platform you can manage different permissions for each user, which are divided into two groups:

1 - Organization permissions

These permissions can be added in the org creation step or at any time via the icon located in the upper right corner of the org. The org's permissions will apply to all projects within it.

There are currently 3 types of permissions:

  • Administrator: has full access to the platform, has permission to add new members
  • Financial: has access only to the billing area
  • Contributor: permission to create new projects and edit content

2 - Project Permissions

In addition to the general permissions of the organization, you can add different permissions to the collaborators of each of your projects. To access the options, simply click on the "Manage Members" option located at the top right of the project card:

A new screen will open, showing all the collaborators of the project. Here you can add, remove, and change permissions individually for all project members.

In total, we have 5 permissions, divided into 2 groups:

General Project Permissions

  • Moderator: manages project members and administers Rocket.
  • Contributor: can edit the project
  • Viewer: can only view the project

Chat Module Permissions

  • Customer Service Manager: can respond to messages and create groups on Rocket
  • Agent: can reply to messages on Rocket.Chat

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