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In the next articles, you will learn much more about how our platform works. In this article, we bring a glossary of terms that may appear in the course of the documentation, providing support for consultation if you have any questions.

  • Channel: Communication channel through which the contact talks to the platform. Ex: Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Web, SMS, etc.
  • Contact: The user who entered spoke to the platform through one of the channels.
  • Group: Set of contacts that can be managed manually or through some rule, based on the data provided by the contact.
  • Flow: Graphical representation of the conversation between the contact and the platform. Where actions are taken, messages are sent and responses are analyzed in each situation.
  • Action cards: Flow cards responsible for the actions of the platform for contact. Ex: Send a message, add user to group, update contact information, etc.
  • Decision cards: Flow cards responsible for segmenting flows, based on the routes created.
  • Decision rules: Comparison rules made on the decision cards to know which route should be chosen.
  • Routes: Paths chosen in the flow that depend on the answers of the decision rules
  • Variables: Parameters that can be used to replace contacts and / or organization values ​​in texts. Ex: Globals, Contact variables, flow results, etc.
  • Expressions: Functions to manipulate data that may or may not receive variables, Ex: Character counter, date and time formatter, etc.
  • Campaigns: Set of events that are applied to groups based on time rules. They allow the platform to actively communicate, that is, it makes the platform start a flow for a contact, without him having spoken first.
  • Triggers: Set of events that are responsible for starting the flow of the platform passively, that is, rules that activate the flows when a contact sends a message on any channel.
  • Classifiers: Artificial intelligence platforms created to classify contact entries and return valid keywords that will be used by the platform.

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