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Intelligence (or repository) is the main part of your bot. Is where all the information about your bot is.

Here, you can find the following sections:

  • Summary: contains the languages, description, intents, and entities of your intelligence;
  • Training: Here you can manage all the sentences of your dataset. You can run the training once you have enough sentences for each intent;
  • Test: here you can find if your intelligence is working properly by testing. In Sentences, you can add test phrases and in Results, you can see the graphics and results for each test you did on the intelligence.
  • Inbox: here are all the inputs predicted by your bot, so you can improve your training dataset if needed;
  • Translation: In the Translate tab you can translate your training sentences to any language supported by BotHub. In the Translation Status tab, you can see the progress of translation for each language in the repository.
  • Integration: In the integration tab you will find all you need to connect BotHub with other platforms, including the URL, headers, format, response JSON and a code generator to guide you;
  • In the Settings section, you can access the general configuration like changing the name, base language, description, prediction algorithm, and IA options. You can also manage the contributors and permissions for the bot and all the current versions of the intelligence;

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