Split by Intent: Using Classifiers


What are Classifiers?

Classifier is the term used on the platform to refer to artificial intelligence platforms and systems responsible for classifying responses and contact entries, returning keywords that can be used by the rules of the decision cards. The platform has native integration with three classifiers, however, we strongly recommend the use of Bothub.

To create a classifier just go to the organization's general menu, click on the settings button next to the Logout button, and click on the Add Classifier option

Then, just select the classifier you want to use (in this article we will use Bothub) and go to your setup page. Bothub doesn't have a lot of secrets, just choose a name for your classifier and then add the access token you find on the Bothub integrations page.

After that, just click Submit, and your classifier will now be available on the platform.

Split by Intent

Classifiers work by returning intentions, that is, a keyword that tells us what the message is about. In addition, it returns a confidence value, that is, how much certainty the classifier has that the result is correct.

Split by Intent is a special decision card, which only appears on the list when a classifier is created. This decision card has only one rule, which is basically to verify the intention and confidence to define a route.

Something like: Go to route X if the intention returned is Y and the classifier has more than 80% confidence

Below is the anatomy of the card:

By default, the Split by Intent letter analyzes the last message sent by the user. However, you can change the value to be analyzed in the Classifier Input tab, where it is possible to add any valid expression or variable from the platform that returns a text value.

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